Started in 1991, Bob Tortora has a long history with developing beautiful, stunning, and classic homes all through the Hamptons.



About Bob Tortora

   Bob Tortora bought his first home in Sag Harbor in 1991. It was a beautiful waterfront property. Utilizing it proximity to the street, the water, the sunlight's reflection off the water, and the sloping landscape he found the traits that would create the signature style he perfects with each new home. Large windows, practical footprints, convenient sturdy kitchens, high ceilings and turrets (a nod to the old whaling culture of Sag Harbor) are just some of the accents attributed to his signature look. Since that construction, he has built close to 20 homes, mostly in Sag Harbor and has single-handedly transformed entire blocks from dingy tear-downs to luxurious Hampton's real estate, or complimented the existing homes on a block with his unique brand. With impractical houses or 'McMansions" being built all over the Hamptons, Homes by Bob Tortora looks to retain the true traditional charm of the old-world Hamptons and create livable, enduring structures and styles. Bob also dedicated 4 years serving on the Architectural Review Board in Sag Harbor, ensuring the legacy of the past be preserved in one the country’s most historic towns.